IT Geek Turned Photography Geek

If anyone is interested…this is my blog.

Here I will share my journey through the lens, as well as product reviews and other tips and bits this geek has figured out along the way.

I had been interested in photography for years but did not purchase my first DSLR (Canon 60D and a 580EXii Speedlite) until 2011. Practising back then in my small dining room, I loved it even then and decided to carry on my pursuit of photography and decided to invest in what was just “a hobby” to start with.

Having worked in IT for many years I wanted something far removed from sitting in front of a monitor looking at servers & networks…little did I know the time required back in front of a screen when editing.

I have always loved portraiture and knew my passion was to be a portrait photographer. I was keen to follow the fashion route, but didn’t realise I would come to love shooting beauty & head shot style photography. This benefits me because I am a massive chatterbox, although I like to get into my photography zone and seeing something come together, its great to be able to chin wag my hours away and hear models, MUA’s and hair stylists experiences in this curious industry.

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